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About Aluminum Foam

aluminum foam


Aluminum Foam is an ultra-light metal which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot and adding various chemical ingredients.

Inner structure of Aluminum Foam are porous so that the material is ultra-light, thermal insulated, stress-resisted, impact-absorbing and soundproof.

Background of Aluminum Foam development

"When modern man builds large load-bearing structures, he uses dense solids; steel, concrete, glass. When nature does the same, she generally uses cellular materials; wood, bone, coral. There must be good reasons for it..."

(Prof. M. F. Ashby, University of Cambridge)

As the human history advances, various kinds of structures to protect and keep man comfortable becomes larger in their size and should endure more loads. Simple processing of materials obtained from nature could not satisfy these requirements and the research and development activities have been focused on development of dense solid materials such as steel, concrete and glass. However, through billions of years of evolution, the great nature select the porous materials such as wood and bone. Wood won't be broken by strong winds even if it grows up several meters tall. Bone could support the structure of big body of dinosaur which weights several tons.

Applications of Aluminum Foam

  • Industrial plants;

  • Construction;

  • Civil engineering;

  • Material industry;

  • and many more.

Production Process

Basic Characteristics

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