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Stone & Alufoam® Panels

  • Anti-blasting & impact high strength 

  • Acoustical barrier

  • Totally incombustible


The incorporation of stone with Alufoam backing has sparked a transformative shift in the construction and design industries, offering a myriad of advantages that redefine the way we approach building materials. This innovative combination marries the timeless beauty and durability of natural stone with the exceptional lightweight properties and insulating benefits of Alufoam, resulting in a host of compelling advantages.

Remarkable Lightweight Performance: The standout feature of stone with Alufoam backing is its exceptional lightweight performance. Alufoam, a high-quality aluminum foam, boasts an incredibly low density, significantly reducing the overall weight of the stone panel. This characteristic proves particularly advantageous for large-scale projects, where traditional stone installations might pose logistical challenges due to their considerable weight. With the lighter load, transportation costs are minimized, and the ease of handling and installation is greatly improved, accelerating project timelines.


Enhanced Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: Alufoam's structure imbues the stone panel with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The foam's closed-cell configuration creates a barrier against temperature fluctuations, ensuring enhanced energy efficiency and climate control within buildings. Additionally, the sound-absorbing qualities of Alufoam contribute to reduced noise pollution, creating a more serene and comfortable indoor environment.


Unyielding Structural Stability: Despite its lightness, the integration of Alufoam backing enhances the structural stability of the stone panel. The foam's cell structure acts as a reinforcing agent, providing robust support and load distribution. As a result, the stone with Alufoam backing displays impressive resistance to deformation, warping, or sagging, maintaining a consistent, level surface over time.

Cost-Efficiency and Material Conservation: Stone with Alufoam backing presents an economically attractive option in both the short and long term. The reduction in material weight translates to cost savings in transportation and labor during installation. Additionally, the ability to use thinner stone veneers while retaining strength means less natural stone is required, leading to reduced demand for quarried material and a positive impact on the environment.


Design Versatility and Flexibility: The versatility of stone with Alufoam backing expands the horizon of design possibilities. The lightweight nature of the material enables architects and designers to explore innovative applications and complex shapes without compromising structural integrity. This newfound freedom allows for stunning architectural feats, intricate façade designs, and eye-catching interior spaces that were previously hindered by the limitations of heavy stone.


Sustainable Building Practices: As the world gravitates toward sustainable building practices, the use of stone with Alufoam backing aligns with this eco-conscious ethos. Alufoam itself is a recyclable material, ensuring minimal waste and resource conservation. Moreover, the material's energy-efficient qualities contribute to greener buildings with reduced carbon footprints.

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