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Why should you use honeycomb?

Because HONEYCOMB sandwich is the world's best beam.


Honeycomb eliminates buckling of thin metal and provides the exact amount of shear strength needed for any design. This means that beam can now be made virtually 100% efficient with great savings in cost and weight.

This is how a Honeycomb beam is made:

honeycomb beam

To suit any specific design, the core is made in many strengths by changing cell size and foil thickness.

The Faces cannot buckle because they are so well supported by many small cells.

Here are three beams of equal weight and the same material.

Beam "C" is honeycomb. If we ratio their moments of inertia, we will have the ratios of both their strengths and stiffnesses (these ratios are the same because team heights are the same).

If bem "A" is taken as 100%, the comparisons are:

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 4.20.59 PM.png

The Honeycomb beam "C" is seen to be 2 ½ times better than "A" and 40% better than "B".

In conclusion, a beam is anything that works in bending.

Floors, doors, walls, roofs, decks, bulkheads, benches, gates .... For all these things and more, HONEYCOMB is the answer because it can be 

  • stronger;

  • stiffer;

  • lighter;

  • cheaper;

  • smoother;

it can also insulate and act as a floatation aid.

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