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Stone & Honeycomb® Panels

  • UltraLite Panels (3 lbs/ft2)

  • Very large size stone panels

  • Exceptional mechanical proprieties 

The combination of natural stone with an aluminum honeycomb backing has emerged as a remarkable innovation in the world of construction and design. This ingenious pairing not only enhances the aesthetics and durability of stone materials but also introduces a lightweight and efficient alternative for various applications.

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Uniting Strength with Lightness: The marriage of natural stone and aluminum honeycomb backing offers an extraordinary balance between strength and lightness. Natural stone is known for its timeless beauty and robustness, but it can be heavy and cumbersome when used in large-scale projects. The aluminum honeycomb backing, on the other hand, is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. This combination allows for the creation of large stone panels with significantly reduced weight, making it easier to handle, transport, and install.


Enhanced Durability and Impact Resistance: The integration of an aluminum honeycomb backing with natural stone elevates its structural integrity and impact resistance. The honeycomb structure, composed of hexagonal cells, evenly distributes external forces, effectively dissipating and absorbing energy upon impact. This attribute renders stone with aluminum honeycomb backing highly suitable for areas prone to heavy foot traffic or potential impacts.


Stability and Flatness Retention: Traditional stone slabs may be susceptible to warping or flexing over time, leading to uneven surfaces. In contrast, the aluminum honeycomb backing ensures exceptional stability and flatness retention for stone applications. The honeycomb structure acts as a supportive framework, preventing sagging or deformation, and thereby prolonging the lifespan of stone installations.


Applications in Architecture and Design: The versatility of stone with aluminum honeycomb backing opens up a myriad of applications in both architectural and design fields. Its lightweight nature allows for easier cladding of facades, enabling architects to incorporate stone elements in innovative ways without compromising the building's structural integrity. Additionally, this material finds utility in interior applications such as wall panels, countertops, and furniture, where the combination of beauty and functionality is highly sought after.


Environmental Sustainability: In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the use of stone with aluminum honeycomb backing aligns with sustainable building practices. The lightweight nature reduces transportation energy costs and contributes to overall energy efficiency in construction. Moreover, the ability to use thinner stone veneers reduces the demand for quarried stone, lessening the impact on natural resources.


Installation Efficiency: Installing stone with aluminum honeycomb backing is a more streamlined process compared to traditional stone installations. The reduced weight simplifies handling and significantly lowers labor costs. The panels can be prefabricated off-site, allowing for better quality control and faster installation times, which benefits project timelines and budgets.


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